The Ultimate Guide to Silver Maintenance and Longevity -

The Ultimate Guide to Silver Maintenance and Longevity

Be it adorning our homes with simplistic décor pieces to give our interiors a plush look or elegantly elevating the essence of any occasion with novelty artefacts, silver products have found their place in every household as symbols of luxury, classiness, and royalty. The flawless luster and impressive durability of silver articles make them not just worthy of decorating our walls but also as heirloom collectibles and gift items for our near and dear.

Nevertheless, silver products often find themselves tarnished or worn out owing to improper handling, overuse, as well as underuse, exposure to extreme temperatures or harmful chemicals, and irregular maintenance. Considered quintessential elements of sacred rituals, religious occasions, and festivities, silver artefacts are keepsakes linked to strong sentiments. As a premium and trusted brand, Argentum Arts: The Silversmith, is here with a guide to maintenance of silver products and ensuring longevity of the timeless sparkle.

Frequent Cleaning

Decorative silver articles, such as Photo Frames, Fruit Bowls, Idols, Candle Stands, and more, become the resting place for dust particles, cobwebs, and dirt. This results in a dull appearance of the shiny metal and long durations of leaving them unattended eventually causes in the glittering silver losing its luster. To tackle with this, it is highly recommended to clean your silver objects with a smooth and lint-free cloth and remove the dust particles on the body. Frequent cleaning is an effective and a simple practice to increase the longevity of the shine.

Secured Storage

Occasionally used silver items such as Puja Essentials, Jewellery Boxes, and Novelty Dining Sets must be mandatorily put back in the cupboards to keep them safe from any damage and are taken out only when the situation rises. But do you also ensure that they are properly cushioned to safeguard them from scratches or dents when stored? Wrapping them in layers of soft cloths or employing lockers or storage units are some of the ideal ways to store precious silver products safely and securely.

Keep them away from harmful chemicals

Avoid excessive usage of cleaning agents that pose a threat to the shine and longevity of your silver products. Such overexposure to chemicals affects the glittery appeal of the silver and compromises the luster. Additionally, stay cautious while employing anti-tarnish substances on your silver. Puja essentials such as Silver Diyas must be cleaned free of the oil used for lightning them.

Safeguard silver from corrosion

While cleaning silver articles, such as Silver Kalash, Flower Vases, and Puja Thalis, with wet cloths, ensure that the item is completely dried before restoring it in its original position. Any water droplets on the silver will react with the oxygen to corrode the metal and kill the alluring appeal of your precious artefacts. Once used, store silver safely to avoid overexposure to atmospheric air that might harmfully react with the surface of the product and retain the spotless appeal.

Handle with care

Refrain from touching the shiny articles with untidy, muddy, or oily hands to make sure that no unnecessary spots or stains are formed over the silver surface. Daily purpose essentials, such as Fruit Bowls, Jars, Plates, and Glasses, must be gently handled and application of excessive pressure is not recommended if you plan to use them for a long period of time.

Argentum Arts recommends you to follows the above tips and suggestions for increasing the lifespan of your silver articles through simple and frequent maintenance. It’s important to consider maintenance not just at the time of purchase, but throughout the ownership of your valuable possessions. For elegant and long-lasting silver articles that enhance the regality of your sweet homes and elevate the ambience of your special occasions, check out our product section.

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