10 Pooja items to buy for the Varalakshmi vratham -

10 Pooja items to buy for the Varalakshmi vratham

Varalakshmi vratham, occasionally called varalakshmi nombu and varalakshmi Pooja, is an important hindu festival honouring Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this day is equivalent to honouring Ashtalakshmi – the eight Goddesses of Earth(bhu), Wealth(Shri), Fame(Kirti), Love(Priti), Learning(Saraswati), Peace(Shanti), Pleasure(tushti) and Strength(pushti). In this article, we shall check out the must-buy silver articles for the Varalakshmi .

The idol of Goddess Lakshmi

On this day, you have to clean the house, take a holy bath, and perform the shuddhi of the pooja area with holy water. Then place the Varalakshmi idol in the pooja temple. You should conduct Goddess Lakshmi Aarti with Kapoor, agarbatti and Diya.


Kalash is an indispensable part of varalakshmi pooja and vratham. The silver Kalash will be a perfect present for this pooja. It is cleaned and covered in sandalwood paste with great care. The beautiful lustre further enhances its attraction. It can invite positivity, wisdom and prosperity.

A silver plate or tray

This silver plate with raised borders is used to keep pooja items during religious activities. This silver plate can be used to offer flowers and then the tamboolam consists of Dakshina, supari, paan, fruits, Haldi, coconut, and kumkum.


Diya is important in varalaxmi pooja because it signifies goodness, purity, power and good luck. The presence of light implies the non-existence of evil forces and darkness. Its light from the lamp destroys ignorance and brings wealth, health and bestows us with knowledge.

Oil lamp

Lighting an Oil Lamp is an essential ritual during performing varalaxmi pooja, and shining the oil lamp ushers optimism into the house. This is done to surround the home and all family members with a divine protective shield that will save them from harmful energies. According to Hindu scriptures, the light coming from the oil lamp is the Parameshwara (Supreme God), which eliminates all suffering.

Silver aarthi set

Silver is recognised to be a holy andak pure metal. Silver is believed to direct positive energy all over you. And for this reason, using a silver Aarti Thali set is perfect for varalaxmi pooja. It’s a lovely thali set that will give your temple a touch of heavenly splendour.

Silver flower

The pooja Silver Flower can help your pooja room feel positive, during the varalaxmi pooja. The most delicate silver flowers will sparkle all day long in your home, catching the light.

Silver bell

The bell is used to invite the Goddess Lakshmi into the temple and before starting a pooja ritual at home. The varalaxmi pooja works well with the silver bell. It is believed that the sound of the bell is auspicious because it invites divinity and drives away evil.

Akhand arthi Diya

This stunning Akhand arthi Diya illuminates your home and is made from the finest silver. According to Hindu traditions and rituals, aarti and pooja are known to be sacred. Fire is symbolised as one of the essential elements in Hinduism and is a symbol of cosmic energy.

Laxmi Diya

Silver Laxmi Diyas represent purity and goodness. Lighting them denotes eliminating darkness and going into the light. Diya is ideal for any religious environment and home decor. To light up your varalakshmi pooja, use this high-quality silver item.

Final thoughts

All the items mentioned above are a must-buy for the Varalakshmi vratham. These are exclusively available at Argentum Arts,

one of the kind of silver art we export throughout the country. Connect with us at www.argentumarts.co.in.

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