How silver is an asset more than a product -

How silver is an asset more than a product

In today’s era, individuals usually compare silver to gold as they share the same tangible asset strengths. Buying silver products not only improves the overall aesthetics of your interiors but also acts as an investment option. It is seen as a “safe haven” to hedge against inflation, diversify one’s portfolio, etc.

In this blog, we will check out some of the silver articles that are perfect for gifting or elevating the aesthetics of home interiors and are an ideal investment option.

Top silver items and Gifts to purchase this Diwali

  • Diyas are an ideal way to create a meditative and calm atmosphere in the puja room, representing the victory of good over evil. According to the Vastu shastra, people believe that lighting a Diya on festive occasions like Diwali dispels negativity from your soul and mind. It can also be featured as a decorative display item.

  • Kalash is widely used in auspicious rituals and is viewed as a symbol of wisdom, immortality and abundance. It is also used as a decorative motif on many holy festivals and is an ideal gift accessory to bring peace and tranquillity to your loved one’s world.

  • Silver bells are an integral part of Hindu pujas, especially during Diwali. Before honouring the deities in pooja rooms, we usually ring the silver bell to invoke the Almighty. The sound of this bell spreads immense healing vibrations that assist in achieving spiritual happiness.

  • Candle stand | The silver candle stands are used to hold the flame of happiness and showcase your love for Indian traditions and rituals. It offers a dual experience of utility with elegance. With the subtle release of flame and fragrance into a room, the candle stands provide an appealing focal point, whether lit or not. This is why they are considered great presents for others and yourself.

  • Oil lamp | Lighting an Oil Lamp is an essential ritual during performing varalaxmi pooja, and shining the oil lamp ushers optimism into the house. This is done to surround the home and all family members with a divine protective shield that will save them from harmful energies. According to Hindu scriptures, the light coming from the oil lamp is the Parameshwara (Supreme God), which eliminates all suffering.

  • Flower vases are perfect to instantly glam up any festive occasion as they help in floral arrangement and make up for the most attractive display with their blooming flowers and alluring look. A flower vase usually symbolises something personal that has beauty and value, which makes it stand out as an amazing gifting alternative.

  • Photo frame | The special moments of life can be captured with photos that keep the memories of our loved ones alive, preserve a moment of our past for future generations or hold a tragedy or joy. Photo frames are a perfect way to bracket such events of life and display them aesthetically to brighten the glow of festive celebrations.

  • God Idols | The idols represent the physical manifestation of God and help devotees focus on an aspect of meditation or prayer. Inviting them to any space will instantly eradicate all the evil forces and bless our path with success and prosperity. Gifting these idols to individuals will take them a step closer to the Almighty and protect their well-being with good fortune and happiness.

Final thoughts

Since ages, silver has been highly sought-after not only because of its magnificent beauty but also because they are an attractive investment option. Investing in silver is considered auspicious and a smart move these days, as it is a precious metal that will remain in demand for years to come.

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